Vuuzle Live: An Easy Way To Stream Your Content

Streaming is a global phenomenon that digital giants have adopted the concept. You can take several video hosting sites and social media sites emerging as streaming platforms around the world. The concept is a popular trend, and it is going to grow in the coming years. Millions of people adapting to the new technology, so they can provide LIVE news, gaming, meet-ups, and connect to the audience. You already have social media giants and video sharing sites, but we need different categorized eccentric apps.

What is Vuuzle Live App?

Vuuzle Live is an Android & iOS application for the masses to start streaming from the smartphone. You can install the app on a tablet or computer via Android emulator as well. Vuuzle Live is a streaming application to showcase the hidden talent to the community-driven application.

The streaming eccentric Vuuzle Live application developed for the masses, so they can display the best art on LIVE streaming. The latest edition of the application adds greater value to the masses because it has several options, which are designed for streamers.

Vuuzle Live Features

The official developers crafted the application for streamers and viewers, so it is a perfect combination for both communities.

UI (User-Interface): The official developers invested a lot of time creating the user-interface for the beginners. The company laid a plan to create a unique streaming app with a user-friendly interface. The team did not lose the direction in-between, and they have put a lot of effort to make it happen. There are two menus in the application.

  1. The header (TOP) menu consists of community, and it mainly focuses on the community.
  2. The footer (BOTTOM) menu dedicated to the viewers or users such as Profile, Go Live, and Edit.

A few minutes of exploration is enough to master the functions and controls.

Interaction: Vuuzle Live application is a fully-functional account, and it doesn’t have any limitations. Every registered user can sign up, verify the account, start watching streams and start streaming. You can leave a comment in streams, interact with the LIVE personalities, and more.

Virtual Gifts: It might surprise the viewers on the platform that you can send virtual gifts to the LIVE personalities. You can support and impress the LIVE streamers with virtual gifts that cost little. There are several types of gifts in the store, and each of them has different worth. It does grab attention to the LIVE personalities.

Monetization: No one can make a living out of streaming, right? Well, the streaming platform offers monetization schemes to the users.

Guess what? Vuuzle Live has three types of monetization to the LIVE users so that they can make a living out of it.

  1. Crowdfunding is an excellent opportunity for the masses to make money. LIVE users can generate an unlimited amount of income from contribution.
  2. You can enable video advertisements during or in-between LIVE broadcast. LIVE users can take a short break and let the application play a few advertisements for you.
  3. Display advertisements are text ads and banner ads, which can generate plenty of income.

A streamer does not have to worry about the monetization, and the income depends on the LIVE viewers count.

3D & Augmented Reality: The technology on a smartphone is improving faster than any other hardware sector. Manufacturers are adding features and functions that go unused, and in such cases, Vuuzle Live app is introducing Augmented reality and 3D functions.

We have listed down important features of Vuuzle Live App.

How to use Vuuzle Live App?

The streaming application might sound a little intimidating to a newbie. Keeping it in thoughts, I am going to take the readers a quick tour to Vuuzle Live application.

Step 1: I believe “ACCESS” is an important aspect of applications nowadays.

Step 2: You have social media and email options to sign up for a new account. You can select Google, Facebook, Twitter, and email service to avoid the manual process.

Step 3: A quick details filling can bring openness to the Vuuzle Live community.

Step 4: On the top, you have community options, and the bottom offers users options.

Step 5: At the bottom, you can find “V” shaped icon, and tap on it to start streaming.

Spend a few minutes with the application and you will master the controls in no time.



Vuuzle Live is available on Android and iOS smartphones, and it is a unique service for the masses. Let us know what you think about Vuuzle Live in the comment section below.


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