Swifty App Review | Best Shortcut Tool Ever!! For Android

swiftySwifty (formerly known as iSwipe) is a free utility app from Leo Master. This app is absolutely free for android phones (supports android 4 or higher versions).

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Swifty is a tool developed to provide shortcuts to frequent used applications and frequent contacted friends and it also provides some shortcuts to frequently used settings. Swifty is fully loaded with features but still consume a very small amount of space, i.e. 1.6 MBs space on your phone memory isn’t that amazing .The whole new interface make you more crazy for this because I am personally using this application on my phone sometimes it feels like I am using IOS based device. It has made a history and got 10 million downloads within a very short span of time. So Let us check it out why this app got 10 million plus downloads.

A Quick View To Swifty

Starting Swifty for very first time some introduction to feature will be shown on display screen. Like about whole new interface introducing in the latest version, it also tells about new algorithms used in it.


Home screen: It contains iWant(box) along with other option present at the bottom of the screen and by swiping the screen from the top you will get the option of the message centre (personalize notification) which help you to manage all notifications from all apps . By swiping the screen from the bottom to up we can get shortcuts to WIFI setting, screen brightness setting, GPS ETC… you can customize these options according to your requirement

first place

Home Screen

Transparent Trigger Ball-This ball is the trigger ball which opens the application with different options, the ball is very much similar to an apple trigger ball which feels great and the trigger will appear on all screens so you can reach the shortcut swiftly. It gives a feel like you are using IOS based device.

iWant– This a shortcut tool which acts intelligently and shows frequently use apps and contact so you can swiftly use them.

Message Centre– This option comes after swiping the screen from the top and it also resembles to the notifications alert of IOS, in this you can see all the notifications whether it is related to your app, messages, or any kind of email notifications.

sms centre

Message center

Battery Saver Option Shortcut –This option will help you start your battery saver at your will without opening menu option.

Flashlight option – This option is one of my favorite option because generally for this feature to work we have to open our camera or have to download a special app for flashlight to work which consumes few more MBs of my phone but after downloading this app you don’t need download any additional for this

Camera Shortcut Option– This is also one of the nice feature which gives you a shortcut to open camera in a fraction of second without any hassle.

Phone Booster– This option is also helpful to save few more MBs on your phone because you need not to download any extra app for phone booster as this application provides phone booster option in it only. This phone booster trashes few files when you launch the app.


See that tiny rocket going up

Some other Shortcut Options– As mentioned above by swiping the screen from the bottom to up we can get shortcuts to WIFI setting, screen brightness setting, GPS ETC… you can customize these options according to your requirement.


1)Super cool interface.
2)High utility.
3)Smartly observed users activities for customization of lists of frequently used app and contacts.


1)After installing the app phone hangs sometimes.
2)It is not so responsive sometimes.

Finals Comments

Before reviewing Swifty I Just tried 2 of its competitors apps and I want to say that swifty is sure one step ahead from its competitors and is a better app from others apps of same segment. In few Mb of space company is providing many features. Interface of Swifty is one of the biggest plus point for it. So just don’t think twice and download it blindly and observe a huge change in your mobile using experience no need of searching of apps and contacts from long and messy lists. Now do everything quickly without wasting on useless things.

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