Is Back!

With a whole new look from last year, a new logo and new features to match, is back for the title as The Newest & Hottest Adult Dating Playground. The dating sites VP Deirdra Ramos says, “we’re just getting started!”

Referring to the sites live date December 1, 2020 @ midnight.

We asked Emerald Wilson-Bey, the site’s founder if they had any technological concerns?

“There’s always technological concerns! Especially when you start running that type of capacity you risk technological happenings that might not be ideal. But are we prepared to troubleshoot effectively without interrupting the user experience, sure!

With less than a month to go before people will be uploading and streaming away, the buzz is already buzzing in the dating industry. We reached out to the site’s only niche competitors for a comment, Adult Friend Finders, and no response as of yet.

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