Mindlight LLC Android and iOS app to care, management, and enrichment of the lives of caregivers and their vulnerable family members

In every family, we have plenty of grocery, medicines, and household stuff to buy, but we often forget the things to buy because of the giant to-do list. The giant to-do always ends up in a place, where you cannot reach and the list never ends in one place.

MindLight LLC application designed to help families who want to get things done at once and MindLight helps users to create a To-Do in one place. You get full-picture of what you want to complete in a day in one place.

Iriis is both a mobile and web app that allows you to invite other helpers to your shared to-do list electronically. Your shared to-do list can be added to from your computer or your phone, so you don’t have to find that receipt that has the name of your mother’s favorite Ensure flavour on it.

MindLight LLC comes in smartphone (Android and iOS) application, and it also comes with the web application. You can also invite your friends, employees, and family members to the shared to-do list, and ensure that you won’t forget to buy the preferences.

1. MindLight Features and Goals

MindLight developed an amazing application that can use to get things done without worrying about receipts, grocery lists, medicine prescription, and more.

One: The Mindlight says you can INVITE others to your caregiving team. I will later give you a quick look at the interface and functions.

Two: The interesting features that I have found in MindLight that it enables you to create tasks, and you can assign to other people like your brother or teammate. You can create and assign multiple tasks to multiple people.

Three: You can create a virtual cabinet that helps you save collected information and share it with other members of your family or your team.

Allow us to show you the interface and how the features work on your smartphones.

2. MindLight Interface

I think everyone has the right to know what information MindLight is collecting after creating an account.

One: Create an account.

Two: Add your first name, last name, email address, and add a password, retype the password, and click on save.

Three: Accept the agreement.

Four: Select your name, gender, date of birth, and then click on next.

Five: Add your profile picture.

Six: Type Address, city, state, zip code, and click on next.

Seven: You are redirected to dashboard.

Let us show you how you can create a task and assign others to complete the task within assigned time.

3. Create a Task

Allow us to show you a quick look at creating a new task, assigning to other users, and after completing the task.

One: Tap on the “Three Dash Setting” and the menu will appear. Tap on (create a caree team “Add Caree”.)

Two: You have to confirm, whether you are setting up for the team and you are the caree? You have a tap on Yes, or No, then the options change based on the selection.

Three: The managing dashboard will appear on your screen. You have to scroll down until you find Add Task.

Four: You can give the task a title, and then assign anyone from your invite list to perform the task. You can add the location of the place to the task as well, which will give an assigned person to find the place faster. You can add tags to the task to help the assigned person find it among another task. In case, if you want to add a deadline to remind the assigned user, then you can schedule it.

Five: Once the task is completed, then you don’t have to remind caree about the task completion. You can go to “TASKS” and tap on the task assigned to you, then click on “COMPLETED.” It will send an update to everyone’s or caree’s account to inform that you have completed the task.

The application may look a little complicated at first, but after spending playing with the functions and features for five minutes, then I mastered it.


The interface designed for the beginners, so you don’t have to worry about complicated features because there aren’t any in the MindLight. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.


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