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There has always been a race for hiding the private data owned by one self, if this is the scenario for you. There are many aapps available in the Google App Store that provide you with different functionalities to achieve a specific part of the data hiding. Bu there is an app available as well that allows the generation of multi level security, to broaden the scope of security into multi level security software. The security provided by the Leo Guard is known to amongst the best to provide you with a interface that is easier for you to utilize.

Leo Privacy Guard Review

lionThe application is made up of multipart structure, it should be known that the software starts for the first time asking firstly the pattern to be decided if any of the applications have been locked or not. The application has to level of locking system. First at the opening of the software that you have used to define the security pattern question at the starting of the application and secondly specific password locking system for specific parts of the application, which may expose your personnel data in front of the world.


Pattern lock


Number lock


Security question if you forget the pattern

When the application is opened the first screen you face after all the installation is the screen that allows you to define specifics apps to be locked which allows two different modes the home mode and/or the guest mode. In each mode different app may be selected to hide sensitive data. There also a feature of the app covers. What the app cover does is that whenever an app locked under the software is called, the application generates a screen that is intended to confuse the application which is installed. Secondly, only the person who has defined the app cover for the application knows how to bypass it in order to see the application.

first image



Scanning for an holes


Our score after trying the app

anti theft

Free Anti Theft

The second window allows you to define application’s data that is sensitive and cannot be displayed to other people, it should be understood that the image, videos, audio files, etc that are hidden through this part is only made available through the pass code, which is a pattern lock which you define as a master pattern lock. The third part of the software has different modules clubbed together that allow you to interact with the different part of the device that you may use to check an alter few of the application running that are not required to use and are consuming up your resources like your battery, data packets, etc. There is also a module that allows you to uninstall the present software’s of your device. It can be said that the developer of this application have kept in mind all the aspects of the interaction of a user with application and have taken the pain to include all of those aspect in this single app creating an application that is full of all the required modules but still light in weight, and easily configurable as well making it an application that will be beneficial to the user in more than one way.

Like two sides of a coin this application also comes with its fare share of issues. Amongst them the most major issue is that the application does consume a lot of the users productive time causing a fair and noticeable time increase in their time table, it also is a major flaw socially as the person who does notice that you have applied as password on the device that you use, and you are not willing to share the password may drift apart from you as he or she may feel that the person is unwanted in one’s life.

All said and thought about the Leo Privacy Guard has a very high rating on the Google app store and the app has been developed using bright colors that allow you to generate an application that will allow you to interact with your system to the fullest. It should also be known that a set of bright and interactive colors have been utilized in the development of this application hence the designers have put in their best efforts to provide you an interface that may never get boring to you.

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