DailyForex Free Android App With Forex Signals Review

Welcome Forex trader, we welcome you to our new post in which we are going to review DailyForex Android mobile app. DailyForex is one of the favorite websites of Forex trader whether they are new or old traders. DailyForex provides many options for its users which can help in trading in Forex. If we talk about the history of DailyForex, it is launched in 2006 with an aim to provide full information to Forex traders so that they can get success in their trading career. DailyForex offers Forex News and reviews. DailyForex provides some useful information like Forex Articles, Forex signals, Forex analysis, economic calendar, live rates, etc. We will highlight all these features in details later in the post. In this post, we are focusing on the Android version of the DailyForex app, and it is also available for iOS.

More Information about the DailyForex App.

In the section of this review post we will discuss some features of the DailyForex app in details with some screen shot images, have a look at this part carefully.

1. Forex Signals: Forex Signals are available, these are expert advice which helps traders and guides them in buying and selling of major currency pair. Users can access Forex Signals directly from the home screen only. Look at below screenshot for more idea.

idea one2. Forex News: Some latest news about various Forex events are also available within the app.


3. Technical Analysis: DailyForex users can also enjoy various premium services like Forex forecast, Gold forecast. All these information are very useful for traders as this information can help them in making future strategies. In fact, users can also get quick recaps of Forex, gold, etc. , markets.

4. Free articles: Free articles like like psychology, Forex trading strategies, risk management, etc. are also provided so that the users can move in the right direction while trading in Forex.

5. Currency Chart: DailyForex expert team maintain a track charts of various major currency pairs EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, Gold, Oil, etc.

6. Trading Tool: Some trading tools are provided within the app. Tools like currency converter, live rates, economic calendar are available in the app.

settings taba. Currency Convertor: Through this users can easily converter one currency to another.
b. Economic Calendar: This calendar covers all the dates of major events of trading.
c. Live rates: Now users can easily and quickly check live currency rate.
7. Multiples Languages: Apart from English it supports multiple languages like Spanish, Arabic, etc. Here is a snap of it have a look.


Final Verdict

We are wrapping up this review post here only with some pros and cons which we want to highlight for our readers. Read below pros and cons carefully and take action accordingly.


We are giving only five advantages of the app, if you want to know more explore it yourself.

1) It is a free app which provides some useful information for Forex trading.
2) The interface of the app is very easy to understand and use. Anyone can start using it within first use only.
3) It is available in multiple languages which is again a big plus point.
4) It is packed with some amazing trading tools like currency converter, economic calendar, etc.
5) Forex Signals, Forecast, etc. are very useful for all types of traders.


1. The only con which we noticed with the DailyForex app is that, it is not available for Windows phone. It is only available for iOS and Android platform.

It is a free app, so users don’t have to worry about the cost. However, some affordable in-app purchases are available ( buying paid subscription). If you are having Android or iOS device and looking for Forex app, then this app is surely meant for you. You can easily access hundreds of free Forex articles, or you can get free Forex signals. No matter whether you are pro or new, DailyForex is recommended for all. Try it and share it among with your friends and help them to learn and earn in Forex trading market.

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