Conceptmeister: An Intelligent iPhone App For Students

Conceptmeister is an intelligent app for quick text analysis developed by EffectiveSoft. This app saves lots of time for students as they don’t need to read the whole document anymore and can get the main related concepts virtually in no time. Just take a photo of the document, load a webpage URL, or simply upload a document from your DropBox – and get all the important points and a comprehensive summary of the document you uploaded.

It is one of the most effective apps for students who don’t have time to read lengthy articles and documents; the only drawback is that currently the app supports only English. It is based on Intellexer API, which is a cloud based semantic tool for detailed linguistic analysis.

Features of this app

• Easily recognizes text from the photo.
• Extracts concepts from the uploaded document or image.
• Enables users to choose multiple concepts simultaneously
• Provides exact text summary
• Allows to adjust summary length
• Highlights selected concepts in text.

How to use this app

You can take a photo of any printed text or upload an image from the gallery

startingMake sure that the page you are taking image of is flat and properly aligned. Also make sure there is enough light

textNow, select the area for which you want concepts and click “Get Concepts”

conceptIn addition to images, it enables you to process URLs or documents from Dropbox

dropboxNow, select the important concepts to show related sentences. Turn “Combine Concepts” on to be able to select multiple concepts

concept combinedIf you want to change the length of the summary, just move the “Size”

sizeYou can choose whether the photos should be kept after processing. Also, you can filter out poorly recognized sentences.


Conceptmeister is an extremely useful app for students and people who don’t have time to read the whole documents. This application allows you to extract the main concepts from the text (will it be an image, document, or a webpage URL) along with the summary of pretty high quality. If you feel that the summary is lengthy you can adjust its size according to your choice.

The application is delivered either as free (but limited to 10 processings per day) or paid for $0.99 only. It doesn’t support languages except English which is its main drawback but overall performance and usability is great.

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