BonkLive Streaming Android App Review

According to the Facebook and Whatsapp stats, more than three billion people are active on Social Media. You now can connect with people from a different country, different language, and different cuisine using Social media platform. Connecting with people has made easy, you can share your status online to upload your videos online and generate handsome revenue. In the Social Media platform, BonkLive Streaming App!, The broadcast is unique Social networking platform, which is all about Live streaming.

BonkLive Streaming App! The broadcast aim is to take live streaming to another level, where you can show the world what you do Live. Not only that, you can generate handsome income out of the app, if you have a decent number of Viewers. The number of rewards you receive the more money you make on Bonk Live.

There are tons of things you can do when millions of people are tuning into the app to check out some of the best content on it. You can attract potential customers to your Brand, Product, Services, Entertainment, and more.

BonkLive Streaming

The Bonk Live developed by professionals, who have ensured that the Interface is extremely easy for a newbie as well. If you have experienced other Social media apps, then you will do just fine or if this is your first time, then we have a step-by-step process to explain “How-To” everything.

*1 Installation & Setup

Step 1: Launch Google Play store from the Menu.

launch store

Step 2: Now search for BonkLive and the Tap on the BonkLive icon.


Step 3: Tap on Install and Accept to Install the app on your smartphone.


Step 4: When the installation is completed, Launch the app.

launch the app

Step 5: If you have an account, then you can log in directly or else, you can sign up for a free account.

  • Sign up using an email.

email sign up

  • You can also use the Social media accounts – Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

social icons

Step 6: Personal preferences are a factor here, so we are going to use the Google+ account. Tap on the G+ icon.

google plus

Step 7: Select Google Plus account from the list. If you have more than one Google account connected to the smartphone, then the list will appear.


Step 8: Skip the short tour, and you should see the BonkLive Home.

home screen

*2 Follow, Featured, & New

Follow: –

What do we have here? To get started, you can start by following some streamers on BonkLive. “Follow” tab is provided for such purposes, and when you Follow any streamer, the list will appear on that tab.

Step 1: When you tap on the “Red Tick,” you are following the streamer.

red ticker

Step 2: If you want to follow manually, then all you need to do is to tap once on the icon to go to profile and Tap on Follow.

follow button

Step 3: You can even send a message using the option right beside the “Following.


Featured: –

In case, you want to watch the latest and modern Streamers, then featured tab is for you. On the featured tab, most liked and viewed streamers appear on the page. You can tap on any live streaming to watch it.


New: –

Those who are new to the BonkLive get attention from the community. In simple words, you can watch new streamers and also if you want to become a streamer, then you get attention as well.


*3 How to Start Your Live Stream?

Step 1: Tap on the big green button at the bottom.

start streamingAU region

Step 2: You have to come up with an attractive title to get more viewers.


Step 3: Now you have to select your country.


Step 4: You have to pick a category, which explains your topic in short. So, make sure to choose the relevant one.

gaming category

Step 5: Now Tap on “Go Live.


Step 6: That’s it.

*4 Options While Watching a Live Stream?

There are several things, and you can do while viewing at a Live Streaming and it also applies to you as a Live broadcaster.

1: You can send a text. Tap on the pink “Message Icon” from the bottom.

bottom text

2: Type in your message and “Send” it.

sending hi

3:  You can even send gifts to the streamer by Tapping on right bottom “Gift icon.


4: Now select a deserving gift for your favourite streamer.

favourite live videos

These were some of the options, and you can use to let the broadcaster to know your presence.


When you use your Creativity mind, you can do several innovative stuffs using the BonkLive app. There are several other things, which you should explore using the app. We would love to know your views and opinions in the comment section below.


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