Audials Radio Player Review

songsFinding a functional radio player isn’t a walk in the park. I have tried a number of radio apps in the past and got disappointed by the mediocre performance.

That’s why I have got myself out to find a perfect radio player. Guess what?

I have found an app called Audials Radio Player. Before you judge the same, I want you to read the review and then, test the app.

Audials Radio Player For Android Review

As I said earlier, Audials is a fully functional radio player with essential and advanced features. Yeah, it tunes stations with the help of the internet.

First, I want you to know how to listen to a radio station. Then, I will give you the features overview.

How to Tune in a Radio Station?

Follow the steps and, start listening to your favorite radio station.

Step 1: You have to install the app. Go to Play Store, search for Audials and press install. There you go!

Step 2: Once the installation completes, don’t hesitate to open the app. You may be asked to sign up. But, it’s not mandatory that you can skip the step.

Step 3: You can see a blue Radio button on the interface, can’t you? Simply press on it. Then, search for your favourite station or choose from the different options there.

That’s it! After a few moments of pre-buffering, it will start playing seamlessly.

Features of Audials Radio Player

During my experience with Audials, I have come across some interesting features of it. You can read them below.

#1. In-House Music Player

music playerAudials Radio Player can play your local music. When you open the app, you see a button called My music almost at the bottom. Clicking on the same will show your local music files after a retrieval process that does not last longer than a minute.

The only con I felt is the repetition of data retrieval every time we launch the music player. Since it doesn’t create any issue because of the short duration.

#2. Equalizer

EqualizerHave you ever imagined listening to radio playback with equalizer enabled?
Well, you can do it on Audials. The five band equalizer performs well with any radio station you choose. As in any dedicated music player, you can customize the bands on your own or choose from the provided presets.
You must know the fact that Equalizer works only with a working internet connection. It’s the same for the music player though.

#3. Sleep Timer and Alarm Clock

sleeperIf you have a habit of listening to music on the bed, you know it’s difficult to stop the playback as you fall asleep. Here sleep timer comes to your rescue as you can set the duration after which the player stops itself.

Alarm clock of Audials is not an ordinary one. The wakeup tone is the live sound from a radio station. Once you set the station and time, you will hear what’s going on-air in that station at the given time.

#4. Recording Facility

record for freeSometimes, you hear your favorite songs through radio that you want to hear it again and again. Owing to the lack of download button, you can’t listen to it again.

But Audials has made it easier by the recording facility. You can switch to the recording tab and press on the red Record button. That’s it. The recording file will be saved in your local storage. It is possible to change the storage as well.

#5. Zapping Feature (Similar Station Suggesting)

zapperYou can see a zapping tab on the interface of Audials. You see stations similar to what is being played currently.

Simply tap on Zap now and, it instantly switches the channel.

Final Verdict

So what do you think?

From my experience, I can say that Audials is knocking the socks of the so-called renowned radio players. You will say the same once you get your hands on the app.

The app weighs only a few MBs. Why don’t you download now and share your thoughts in the comment section down below? You can also install a PC version with mobile syncing capability. But it needs you to be signed up.

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